From vines to wine

As the owner of 3 domains in some of the most beautiful French terroirs of Beaujolais, Chablis and the Rhône Valley, we cultivate our vineyards, harvest our grapes, vinify, mature and bottle our production and then sell our wines ourselves. Taking care of the whole winemaking process guaranties the quality of our products.




In the vineyards, we preserve the diversity in our soils thanks to surface tillage. This practice enhance our soils aeration, its structure and improves water conservation. As well as ensuring that we don’t use herbicides, we allow control our yield in order to produce fully matured and concentrated grapes.


All this environment-friendly work ends up in our wines, bringing them liveliness and complexity. Thanks to these sustainable practices, we are about to obtain the High Environmental Value certification for our domains.


In our Château de Pougelon estate, harvest occurs after manually controlling the grapes ripeness. A first sorting is done manually in the vineyards, and a second one, stricter, upon arrival in the cellar. The grape harvest is carried in refrigerated truck in order to keep it unaltered and to avoid using sulfites.


In our cellar, we use a Burgundian style of vinification, which means that the grapes are partially or totally destemmed, before being put in vats and vinified with long maceration. Our domain is entirely vinified plot-by-plot. The Château de Pougelon wines are therefore fruity and structured, with great finesse and a good aging capacity. Every year, we search for the right balance between the fruitiness of Beaujolais and the wine structure. Thus, our wines can be enjoyed in their youth, and also after several years of aging.


In our Domaine Passy le Clou estate, a very strict sorting also occurs. Each parcel is harvested separately at optimum ripeness, and vinified in different vats (plot-by-plot vinification). The estate comprises 21 parcels, spread throughout the Chablis region.


In our cellar, our modern equipment is optimal for white wine vinification. We increased our winery size in 2018 in order to implemented plot-by-plot vinification. This technique enables our wines to enhance the characteristics of the terroir where it’s from. We strive for a high purity in our wines, and a great balance between acidity and roundness

A wine-trading expertise

Our family and our team taste and select wines from many regions in France. With more than 110 years of experience, we have created strong partnerships with trustworthy winemakers, with whom we share our environmental values. We mature, blend and bottle our wines in our premises in Saint Etienne des Oullières. With our very modern equipment, we also produce our wines in Bag-in-Box (BIB) and in Keykegs.

Our range consists in more than 150 references from all the main French wine producing regions. Based in the Beaujolais, we are specialized in wines from Beaujolais, Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and in Vins de France.

Each step of our production and winemaking process is realized with the aim of considerably reducing inputs in our wines, and limiting our wastes due to wine treatment.

Every single operation (tangential filtration, cold tartaric stabilization, wine fining,...) is realized by us, in order to have a full mastery of our processes and to guarantee a consistent wine quality.

Wines are stored finished or semi-finished in a dedicated building, entirely renovated in 2017 to provide optimal isolation. Our storage is fully automated and our pallet management is handled via a shuttle machine, operated by our team with a tablet.

All orders are prepared and shipped in France and abroad from the Beaujolais. Shipments occur in full containers, semi-trailer or in pallets, either mixed or not.

At each step of our production process, our customer satisfaction and our product quality are the main focus of our attention.

Taylor made wines

Focused on our customer’s satisfaction for over a century, we have always succeeded in meeting their requirements.

In our modern wine world, in France and abroad, wine lovers’ expectations have and continues to evolve. In this trend, we have to meet these expectations and adapt our offer. This is the key to success in this quickly evolving market.

With more than 110 years of experience in wine sourcing, we have become the solution for our partners’ special needs. Alcohol level, sweetness, label design, exclusive brands : just a sample of the tailored solutions we offer to our customers.

“ Basically, the only thing we don’t adjust is our wine quality,
which remains our first priority!

(Marine Descombe)

We create unique products from our entire range of French wines, from varietal Vin de France to premium appellations. Selecting a cork, cap, label and bottle size, our team helps our partners to design the perfect final product.
Based on our experience in crafting concepts throughout the world, our team can also help choosing the best brand name and building a strong brand identity.

In bottle, magnum, Bag-in-Box or KeyKeg, we adapt our whole production process to our partners.
We also started producing Kosher Wines since 2017, which has already been a great success in many countries. These are the efforts which have enabled us to become such a reliable partner for our customers.

Our Equipment:
The highest wine quality in different formats

Since Marine Descombe (5th generation) joined the family company, investments have been made in order to modernise the whole winery. A new automated storage warehouse, fully renovated concrete tanks and a new tangential filter : some of the necessary investments to ensure a consistent and optimal wine quality to our customers.

With our zero default policy, and the very careful attention paid to our wine selection and treatment, we guarantee the highest quality of wine in order to meet the strictest requirements of our partners.

In this process of modernisation, the bottling line has also been upgraded. We implemented a new fully automated bottle and Bag-in-Box® filling line, with a laser optical reading system and an automatic cartoner. This allows us to propose our full wine range in classic 0,75L bottle and 1,5L magnums, and in Bag-in-Box® from 2L to 30L, with the same high level of quality.

With the very fast growth of this packaging formats, we have also launched a range of varietal wines and Vin de France in Kegs, using the KeyKeg® technology. This system is definitely the most sustainable, cost-saving and efficient solution there is for any wine by the glass distributor. For sure the next big hit in wine distribution in bars, hotels and restaurants!